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  The president of Zewaken Co., Ltd. has been devoting to manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders since 25 years ago. He is the pioneer of developing pneumatic and aluminum alloy cylinders covers 20 years ago, the quality is not inferior to the Japanese at all, they are widely accepted as competitive products to Taiyo. Besides cylinders and cylinders covers, project on R&D of hydraulic starters has also been a main emphasis. All our employees are encouraged to believe that, "Quality is tantamount to our life." Zewaken believes that quality control and quality of employees cannot be separated. It is with that vision, we emphasize on training of employees and employing newly advanced machines. A number of our hydraulic cylinders series have dominated the markets and makes us the biggest supplier of its kind and still having the capability of accepting more OEM orders. Recently, we have been working on conforming to the ISO9002 standard to further promise our customers on offering dependable and quality products. We have come to the realization that implementation of industrial automation is critical in the survival of Zewaken.
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